Afghanistan: Hva slags fred?

?pent m?te p? Litteraturhuset

Kvinners rettigheter og deltagelse i Afghanistan – m?t Sima Simar.
?pent m?te med blant andre Sima Samar, Arne Strand (CMI) og Ayesha Wolasmal. Seminaret vil foreg? p? engelsk og ha f?lgende n?kkelsp?rsm?l:
What future faces Afghan women after 2014?
How ensure protection of conflict-prone women and their participation in the peacebuilding process?
How can we as part of the international community contribute? And with reference to the recently signed Strategic Partnership Agreement between the Norwegian and Afghanistan government up till 2017; what measures should Norway take in this respect?
Det vil v?re anledning for pressen til intervjuer med Sima Samar rett i etterkant av arrangementet.

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Sima Samar is head of the Afghanistan Independent Human Rights Commission, and is a leading voice in Afghanistan for women`s rights. In the Afghan interim government established in 2002, she served as Deputy president and then as Minister for Women Affairs. She has also served as UN Special Raporteur on human rights in Sudan.
Sima Samar has received several international awards for her work on human rights. She is a medical doctor by profession, and has established several health clinics and medical training institutes in Afghanistan.
Arne Strand, Deputy Director of the Christian Michelsen Institute (CMI). Strand has for several years directed NGOs and conducted research on development, migration and peacbuilding issues in Afghanistan.
Ayesha Wolasmal has served in the Norwegian Armed Forces and was part of the Norwegian PRT mission in Maymanah. Wolasmal has been covering Afghanistan and Pakistan as a freelance journalist for various newspapers in the recent years. She has also been contributing in the public debate on Norwegian civilian and military presence in Afghanistan. She currently works as a policy advisor in the international department of the Norwegian Red Cross.
Torunn Wimpelmann (moderator), Political scientist at CMI. Current research focus is on interactions between gender, violence and political and legal orders in contemporary Afghanistan.
Arrangementet er et samarbeid mellom FOKUS, CARE, FN-sambandet, Kirkens N?dhjelp, Nansen Fredssenter, og Afghanistankomiteen
FN-sambandet er informasjonskontoret om FN – som jobber med ? spre informasjon om FN og FN-relaterte sp?rsm?l i Norge.0000

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