Norwegian People?s Aid staff killed in South Sudan

It?s with a heavy heart Norwegian People?s Aid (NPA) Monday received the sad news that our good colleague Gabriel Yien Gach has been shot and killed in Maban County in South Sudan. His family is informed about the tragic loss.
Gach was killed Monday morning.

“Our thoughts are first and foremost with Gabriel Yien Gach’s family and our colleagues in South Sudan,” says Ms. Kathrine Raadim, Head of International Department in NPA.
Gabriel Yien Gach was working in NPAs Food Security and Livelihood Program. This program is supporting the local community, as well as the internally displaced, with agriculture support and emergency food.
According to local sources Gabriel Yien was pulled out of a NPA vehicle and killed based on his ethnicity.
“NPA strongly condemns any attacks on civilians in the ongoing crisis in South Sudan”, says Ms. Raadim.
“Any attacks on civilians are unacceptable, but attacks based on ethnicity are even direr as they will only feed into the circle of violence and revenge,” says Ms. Raadim, and adds:
“It is also completely unacceptable to attack NGO personnel who?s only mission in the field is to help the people of South Sudan in the face of this enormous, man-made, crisis. NPA demands that the killing of our colleague is given an investigation and full accountability for the perpetrators,” Ms. Raadim says.
Norwegian Peoples Aid has been working in solidarity with the South Sudanese People for 28 years. We have programs in Food Security and Livelihood, Humanitarian Disarmament, Health and Civil Society Support. The Food Security and Livelihood program currently works in 27 counties including Maban. In 10 of these we are doing emergency relief. Since the outbreak of the current crisis NPA has helped more than 150 000 people with food, Non Food Items, shelter, Seeds and Tools.
For further comments please contact Ms. Kathrine Raadim: +47 911 31 844

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