The Northern Dimension. Meeting in Oslo 2 November

Norway?s Foreign Minister Jonas Gahr St?re is hosting the second ministerial meeting of the Northern Dimension, a cooperation between the EU, Iceland, Russia and Norway focusing on partnerships in North West Russia, the Barents and Baltic Sea regions and the Arctic.
The foreign ministers from the Russian Federation, Sweden, Finland, Iceland and Estonia will participate, as well as State Secretaries from Poland, Lithuania and Denmark. Participation from the EU is to be announced.
The meeting will focus on cross border cooperation. Partnerships are in place in the areas of environment and health. At the Oslo meeting, new partnerships on transportation and logistics and on culture will be entered into. Regional cooperation bodies and financial institutions will also be represented. These include the Barents Euro-Arctic Council, Arctic Council, Council of the Baltic Sea States and Nordic Council of Ministers, the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development, European Investment Bank, Nordic Investment Bank and Nordic Environment Finance Corporation.
Media are invited to cover the meeting. A press conference will be held in Oslo City Hall on 2 November at 12:30 pm.
For information about the meeting and accreditation:
Photos and video from the meeting and the press conference will be posted at and
Press contact: Communications Adviser Marte Lerberg Kopstad and phone + 47 995 22 0260000

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